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Colombia Finca Santuario Typica

Notes: Toffee, passionfruit, golden kiwi, inca berry, lavendar, pomegranate, the candy man can


Process: Washed


Varietal: Typica


Region: Cauca


Altitude: 1850-2050m

Colombia Finca Santuario Typica

  • Cherries are picked at their optimal sweetness, between 25-26° Brix level. They are then floated and manually sorted, before undergoing an initial anaerobic fermentation of 8-10 hours. Next, the cherries are pulped and fermented again for 24 hours in sealed tanks without water, before being gently washed to remove any remaining mucilage. The pulped cherries are then slowly dried over a 20 day period on raised beds in greenhouses under fans and UV lights .


    Finca Santuario began 22 years ago, when Camilo Merizalde had the desire of creating a very unique farm capable of producing the best specialty coffees in Colombia. Rather than focus on quantity, Camilo decided to focus on quality as a driver of profitability. He quickly realised that biological diversity was paramount in creating an environment capable of producing excellent cup quality with long term sustainability. As such Finca Santuario is set out in such a way as to encourage a vast swathe of plant and animal diversity working symbiotically with the coffee plants. This is particularly important as the vast majority of varieties grown at Santuario are extremely high quality but lower yield, more fragile and more demanding than most varieties widely grown in Colombia. The harmonious interplay between the surrounding environment, volcanic soil and variety allows for the creation of some of the most spectacular coffees available from Colombia.