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Wholesale Enquires

Whether you’re looking for something ridiculously good to lift the game of your café or looking for some roast consulting and contract products we are a crew of industry pro’s in all things coffee. We can also help source a range of equipment, offer specialist training and offer our experience in the set up and installation of your venue.


We are a tad selective about what we source and who we supply it too, this isn’t intended to be a statement about us as professionals, but by making sure our customers are on the same page in focus and appreciation of schmick tasting brews, guarantees the story of the farmers efforts are told clearly and the customer at the end of the chain has that wow moment. 


So if you want to bathe in the glory that is some of the funkiest quality specialty coffee you have ever tasted, then come around for a brew and a chat as we think your pretty cool too.  

We look forward to working with you - Cavalier Coffee Roasters.

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