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Nicaragua Sabio Java Grande

Notes: Dried mango, banoffie pie, kumquat, rolling cocoa nib 


Process: Natural


Varietal: Java


Region: Dipilto


Altitude: 1150masl

Nicaragua Sabio Java Grande

  • Operating their own farms, Sabio is a completly vertically integrated coffee operation that produces, processes and exports specialty coffee directly from their farms in Nicaragua to the rest of the world.


    With a focus on sustainability, they also partner with smaller producers  to help them improve their practices and produce better coffee, all whilst conserving natural reserves. They also work to provide access to international markets so producers can sell their coffees at better prices.


    To assure their own workers' quality of life they have also built permanent and temporary housing with electricity and sewage systems and provide daily nutritious meals. They also maintain a small multi-grade school to provide the permanent and seasonal children at the farms with quality education.

    They are also carbon neutral, exclusively use hydroelectric energy, and work actively to improve biodiversity with half of their farmland being reserved as a nature conservation area.

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