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Kenya Thunguri AA

Notes: Toffee, rhubarb, black currant, quince, sneaky citrus sparkle


Process: Washed


Varietal: SL28, K7, Ruiru


Region: Kirinyaga


Altitude: 2500masl

Kenya Thunguri AA

  • Timely and selective hand picking is carried out in Thunguri wet mill of Kibirigwi FCS . Cherry is delivered to the wet mill the same day it is picked.

    Cherry sorting is carried out at the wet mill prior to the pulping. Red ripe cherries are separated from underipes, overipes and foreign matter. The red ripe cherries are processed through the wet processing method that utilizes clean water from Kangocho stream.

    The processing water is recirculated before disposal into evaporation and seepage pits. Sun drying is done after careful fermentation and washing before delivery of the parchment coffee to the dry mill for secondary processing.

    The executive authority of the society lies with the nine elected members of the executive committee. The management  committee monitors day to day operation,make strategic decisions and reports to farmers in the Annual General Meeting,Special general meetings. The secretary manager is responsible for day to day management and administrative activities of the society. The society has a workforce of 57 permanent staff and  average of 80 seasonal workers.