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Kenya Ndiani Peaberry

Notes:Red Apple, churned Butter, honey, milk chocolate, rose water, syrupy


Process: Washed


Varietal: SL 28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian


Altitude: 1550


Region: Nyeri

Kenya Ndiani Peaberry

  • Ndiani coffee Factory is located within the red volcanic foothills of Mt. Kenya in Karatina area of Nyeri County. It is affiliated to Rumukia FCS. Its membership currently stands at 400.
    Timely and selective hand picking is carried out in Ndiani wet mill. Cherry is delivered to wet mill the same day it is picked. Cherry sorting is carried out at the wet mill prior to the pulping. Red ripe cherries are separated from under-ripes, over-ripes and foreign matter. Processing utilizes clean river water (wet processing) that is re-circulated before disposal into seepage pits. Sun drying is done before delivery. Main crop-(March- April )and Early crop- October.

    Average Rainfall
    1200 -1600 mm per year. The rains are in two seasons, short and long rains. Early crop depends on short rains that come between October– November. Main crop receives adequate rain between April to June.

    Deep red volcanic soils

    Factory manager with 5 permanent members of staff and Casuals oversee the operations of the Ndaini factory. The number of Casual staff varies from year to year depending on crop harvest. During the peak season the factory employs about 10 casuals while on off-peak at most 7 Casuals are retained. The area experiences a biannual production cycle with the early harvest being from March-May and the late second season being from October-December.


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