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Kenya Mchana Natural

Notes: Biscuity, rhubarb, subtle lemon meringue, winey riesling, good hustle.

Process: Natural

Best for: Espresso and Filter


Kenya Mchana Natural

  • The Mchana Estate hails from the Kiambu County in an area blessed with rich volcanic soils. It sits at an altitude of 1,800-2,550masl and has an average rainfall of 1200mm. 


    The Estates manager Wambugu Kamoni produly talks of the culture they have created for thier staff. The Mchana Estate has 172 permenant workers and between 200-1200 casual workers will be on site each day depending on the season, and workers below 18 years of age are not permitted. 


    The Esate has strong policies on sexual and religious harrasment and that everyone be treated equally regardless of thier background. There is also a creche that helps take care of young babies while parents work as well as a primary school with qualified teachers and every child is given meals. 


    Primary processing method seen here is wet/washed, but we see this experimental honey process lot also being tried with peaberries. The honey process increases the suagr levels, and the intensity of the peaberries make this quite a unique coffee with a big dry riesling bite.