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Ice Ice Baby

Notes: Forest cake, toffee, strawberry, funkberry flow, word to your mother.


Origins: Costa Rica Tirra Estate (red honey) Ethiopia Gutu Birre (natural) Kenya Gachatha AA (washed)

Ice Ice Baby

  • Winter is in full flight, and with that we see everyone dust off the old batch brew machines and other filter coffee units they have forgotten about during the summer months.

    Our tribute to this is to try is our Winter Solstice Blend for 2022 the ICE ICE BABY. A cheeky little number that gives you a chocolatey warm hug followed by a bright berry wedgie in a brothers’ love kind of way.

    It doesn’t stop there; the Cavalier team have decided to dedicate this righteous roast to the Smith Family Winter Appeal for 2022 in support of their efforts to make sure children everywhere are warm and healthy this winter.

    For every kilogram sold of this blend Cavalier is donating $5 to the Smith Family, so please get on board and support specialty coffee for a special cause. Or visit the for more info on other ways you can support their great work.