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Ethiopia Sidamo Bona

Notes: Blackberry, strawberry, blood orange, red grape, choc coconut goodness


Process: Natural


Varietal: Kurume


Region: Bona 


Altitude: 1950masl

Ethiopia Sidamo Bona

  • This coffee originates from the Bensa region in the Sidamo zone of Ethiopia. The coffee farms in this area are situated at an altitude ranging from
    1900 to 2100 meters above sea level, creating favourable growing conditions. Bona, the washing station, is in the village of Bona and works closely
    with around 400 neighbouring farmers. The farms supplying cherries to the station are relatively small, with sizes ranging from 1 to 2 hectares.
    The vegetation surrounding the coffee farms is a mix of semi-forest and garden, contributing to the diverse flavours and aromas found in the coffee
    beans. The soil in this region is characterised as rich and fertile red soil, which enhances the coffee's quality.
    At the Bona washing station, the cherry selection process is meticulous. The cherries are handpicked and manually sorted by skilled workers. The
    main cultivars grown in this area are Welisho and Dega. Once the cherries are collected, they go through the traditional Agaarde Discpulper, which
    removes the skin and fruit pulp. The parchment is then graded based on density, with the highest quality beans separated as higher-grade lots.
    After pulping and pre-grading, the coffee undergoes a wet fermentation process that lasts for 72 hours. Following fermentation, the beans are washed
    in channels and graded based on density. The lower density beans are removed, leaving only the denser and higher-quality beans. Subsequently, the
    beans are soaked under clean water for 6 hours.
    The collaboration between the Bona washing station and the local farmers has yielded significant improvements in both the station's operations and
    the quality of the coffee produced. With its high-altitude growing conditions, fertile soil, and meticulous processing methods, this coffee from Bensa,
    Sidamo showcases the unique flavours and characteristics that Ethiopian coffees are renowned for.

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