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Ethiopia Raro Nansebo Guji Gr1

Notes: Tropical, mango, apricot, pineapple fanta, fun in the sun


Process: Natural


Varietal: Kudhume


Region: Guji


Altitude: 2100-2350

Ethiopia Raro Nansebo Guji Gr1

  • Ethiopia is the center of origin and genetic diversity for arabica coffee ( Coffea arabica L.,). If one travels inthe different coffee growing areas in Ethiopia, the chance of seeing very diverse coffee trees growing nextto each other in a random coffee farm is very high.


    Most coffee farmers in Ethiopia grow both improved coffee varieties and their own local landraces (varieties). Improved coffee varieties are those coffee types which are selected by breeders at the national coffee research center in Jimma, Ethiopia.


    Farmers access starting seeds of the improved varieties through the formal coffee seed distribution system established by the government. Farmers access also seeds of local landraces from their farm, neighbor and local market.

    Like most of the farmers in Ethiopia, coffee farmers in Raro Nansabo village also produce both improved and local landrace coffee varieties. Mostly, farmers mix and plant different coffee varieties together in their farmers. Walichu, Miqe, Badessa and Kudhume are the popular local landrace coffee varieties in Guji. There are few farmers who keep their farm separate for both variety groups.


    Dambi Udo Agro Industry works with a few smallholder coffee farmers who separately produce the
    famous local landrace coffee variety called “Kudhume” and has been putting in a lot of effort to
    discover unique coffees on the basis of variety and promote those as a variety separated lot in the
    international market.

    In Guji and Gedeo, there is a perennial indigenous tree known for its small fruit size, disease resistance and bearing large numbers of fruit in a consistent way over years. This tree is known as Kudhume and Kurume in Guji and Gedeo respectively. Farmers in those areas associated the morphological characteristics of the indigenous tree with a local landrace coffee variety which exhibits similar characteristics: smaller leaves, diseases resistant and many smaller fruits produced every year.


    Due to their common characteristics, the local landrace coffee variety is named after the name of the indigenous tree. Kudhume has a compact canopy and relatively small leaves with new growth that is generally green, the coffee is known for its syrup and juicy body and structure with sweet taste, flavors of complex tropical fruit (papaya, mango) and citrus
    (orange), and floral (jasmine).

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