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Ethiopia Genji Challa Sidamo Gr1

Notes: Floral fresh peach, syrupy apricot, tropical punch, Carmen Miranda's hat


Process: Washed 


Varietal: Mixed varietals


Region: Sidamo


Altitude: 1900

Ethiopia Genji Challa Sidamo Gr1

  • Take a sip, let the music flow and let imagine your dancing in a conga line with your own fruit hat. This suprise lot has caught the interest of our team this year for something a little fresh and different. 


    The producers that contribute to the Telila washing station are all smallholder farmers, with an average of 1 hectare per producer. The washing station itself is managed by Addis Exporters, who provide QC oversight and mange post harvest processing.

    This lot was fermented for 24 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 15 days.


    Enjoy Cavalier Coffee Roasters.