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Kuro Kishi Seasonal Black Coffee Blend

Notes: .Cocoa, toffee, peach tea, lavendar florals, juicy jives.


Contents: Colombia Santuario Typica (washed) & Ethiopia Chelechele (washed)


Best for: Filter & Black Coffee/Espresso


Kuro Kishi Seasonal Black Coffee Blend

  • Kuro Kishi or 'Black Knight' is our defender of all things pure and This is our teams chance to get funky with seasonal roasting and blending for the purists that enjoy coffee in its ultimate and most natural form without the white stuff. If you like coffee at its sweetest and cleanest than this if for you, its primarily tasted as a filter roast but will create some amazing espressos if you like it light and bright.  

    This current version of the 

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