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Costa Rica Hacienda Colima Obata

Notes: Blackberry jam, apricot, honey, jaffa, nougat


Process: Natural


Varietal: Obata


Region: Alajuela


Altitude: 1500


Costa Rica Hacienda Colima Obata

  • Hacienda Colima has been in the Castro-Kahle family since the 1840's. Currently it is run by Alejo Kahle Castro, a fifth generation producer who's dedication to quality and innovation has seen him picking up second place in COE with his other farm Volcán Azul.


    Perched on the slopes of the Barva Volcano at 1350-1500MASL,Hacienda Colima is 14KM as the crow flies from Volcan Azul, where all of the ripe cherries are taken to be processed. The main crop on the farm is sugar cane, but this is quickly changing as the demand for excellent quality Costa Rican coffees continues to grow.


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