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Colombia Lohas Pink Bourbon Decaf

Notes: Smooth creamy body, nashi pear, tangelo, bergamot, you wont believe it's decaf!


Process: Washed - Sugarcane


Varietal: Pink Bourbon


Region: Huila


Altitude: 1600-1800masl


 Cup: 88+

Colombia Lohas Pink Bourbon Decaf

  • The Colombia Washed Pink Bourbon Decaf is a remarkable coffee that combines the unique characteristics of the Pink Bourbon variety with decaffeination and processing methods to produce a coffee of exceptional quality. Grown in the Huila region of Colombia, Pink Bourbon is believed to be a natural hybrid of red and yellow Bourbon varieties, although some think it may be closer to an Ethiopian Landrace.


    The fermentation process for the Colombia Washed Pink Bourbon Decaf begins with de-pulping the cherries, followed by placing them in plastic bags for a 60-hour anaerobic fermentation. During this period, mosto prepared from cherries of the same variety is added from the start to enhance the fermentation. This stage is crucial for developing the coffee’s depth and complexity. The fermentation is then abruptly interrupted using a quenching method involving hot water (50°C) followed by cold water (20°C) for 30 minutes. This rapid cooling process helps to fixate the volatile compounds released during fermentation, preserving the coffee’s aromatic qualities.


    The drying process, known as Pristine Precision Drying, is another vital component in preserving the quality of the Colombia Washed Pink Bourbon Decaf. The coffee cherries undergo an initial oxidation period of 36 hours after being carefully selected and disinfected with a 5% alcohol solution. The cherries are then dried in a hermetically sealed stainless-steel dehumidifier until they reach a moisture content of 11%. This precise drying process, lasting approximately 36 to 40 hours, ensures that the coffee maintains its pristine quality. Following drying, the coffee is stabilised for one week, allowing the flavours to mature and integrate fully.

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