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Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha

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Notes: Boozy boysenberry, port wine, stewed plum, pomegranate, toffee, uptown funk


Process: Natural


Varietal: Geisha


Region: La Mesa, Cundinamacra


Altitude: 1660-1750masl

Colombia Finca La Maria Geisha

  • It's back... and doesn’t disappoint, this cup of excellence level coffee once again fills our minds and cups with explosions of flavour and possibilities of how processing and thinking outside the box can add to the end result.

    Finca La María is located in the high coffee zone of La Mesa municipality, Cundinamarca department, in Anatoli village, at an altitude between 1,650 and 1,750 meters above sea level. The project is run by Orlando Ospina and his wife Emilcen Sanchez and has an approximate extension of 5.0 hectares, of which they have planted around 4.0 hectares, distributed as follows: 5,000 Geisha plants (in 4 lots) in the first year of Production , followed by a further 1,000 plants of Geisha and 1,000 plants of Mokka varietals.

    Orlando is an experienced Agronomist, andin the space of 5 years lived in different cities, starting in Manizales and going through to Chinchiná (in Caldas) and Santa Rosa de Cabal (in Risaralda), until arriving in Caicedonia (in Valle del Cauca) in 2010, where Orlando acquired knowledge and experience in exotic coffee while working for Colombian Mountain Coffee and Café Granja La Esperanza.

    From there they moved to the current address in the path of Anatoli, where Orlando came to work with La Palma & El Tucán (2013-2017). Although from Caicedonia they tried to make their own coffee farm, it was in Anatoli where they were given the possibility and they rented the land where they created Finca La María.

    In their coffee in their first year of production in 2017, they won second place at that years Colombian cup of excellence, impressing many in the industry from producers to roasters and baristas, and have been continuing to grow their reputation crop to crop.