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Brazil Marciano Tomanzini

Notes: Roasted Nori, Hoji-cha, cacao nib, honey suckle, green apple, captain charisma


Process: Pulped Natural


Varietal: Catuaí & Catucaí 785/15


Region: Espírito Santo


Altitude: 920-1100masl

Brazil Marciano Tomanzini

  • The property has belonged to the family for about 60 years. It was acquired by Mr. João Nalli, Marciano’s grandfather. It has been passed on from father to son, being already in the 3rd generation of family succession.

    Since the beginning, coffee plantations were the family's main source of income. Production was small when it started and with implementation of new technologies productivity has increased, along with the quality.

    The work on quality improvement began around 2004, when the producer adopted the selective harvesting method and only the ripe fruits were harvested between three to four times a year. Pulping machines, covered and concrete patios and silos were installed to better handle the quality coffee produced.

    Since the work on improving the quality of coffee began, Marciano won several municipal and state contests, and in 2018, he achieved the second place in the Microlot Contest in Espírito Santo promoted by Bourbon Specialty Coffees. Recently, he also achieved the 8th place in the 2021 edition of Bourbon's contest.

    All the work is done by Marciano and his wife, Josiane. Josiane besides taking care of the children and house chores, also helps Marciano in the farm. Everything is accomplished with great love and the plan is to work harder every year to increase quality and production.